Special Pavilions

Special Pavilions

BIO & Clean Energy Pavilion

It is 1st time for One umbrella with alliances which professional EPC (Engineering Procurement Consultant) & EPM (Engineering Procurement Management) support a National Policy and Strategy with the aim of promoting circular economy. Specifically, BIO & Clean Energy Pavilion would propose any investors, private sectors for Bio Refinery, Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy, which are said to be the triple of Sustainable Circular Economy.

Under this pavilion, our alliances not only will present technology, conceptual design and also will provide short-long term measures to support the country’s objectives to promote sustainable energy, similar to the initiatives of Mae Kong ‘s member state.

BIO Pharmaceutical & Natural Product Pavilion

Meet market players, industry leaders and policy makers in bio pharmaceutical and life sciences industry and discover natural ingredients, substances and product development for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical & healthcare and food industries.


BIO & Future Food Pavilion

BIO and Future Food becomes focal points serving global demand and new consumer behaviors. BIO & Future Food Pavilion provides inspiration, ideas and innovations in the food system by the market players and government sectors related to Organic Food, Medical Food, Functional Food and Innovative Food including planted based proteins, insect proteins. Along with the exhibition, Future Food Symposium stages for policy makers, industry leaders, innovators, researchers, experts and academics to share viewpoints and strategies, trends and innovation in healthy diet, space food, alternative proteins, net zero food system etc.


BIO Next Pavilion

BIO Next Pavilion is perfect platform for industries and government sectors to discuss opportunities and partner with innovators and researchers from biotechnology fields. Related research ready to commercialize will be presented for investor and industries in Agriculture, Cannabis & Helms, Pharmaceutical, Medical & Healthcare, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Energy & Environment, Animal Heath & Processing, Clinical & Laboratory Diagnostics, Chemical & Petrochemicals, Plastics & Polymer, Contract Manufacturing, etc.  

BIO Next Pavilion aims to accelerates applications of biotechnology into existing R&D & production, new discovery & methods, thought provoking to launching new products and future investment.