Special Activities

Business Matching Program

Business Matching Program is one of the tools enabling trade participants to achieve business objectives such as;

  • Individual/Companies interested to be the appointed as the distributor in the region
  • Buyers planning for fiscal / project procurement and budgeting
  • Investor looking for partnering with bio products producer in particular
  • Individual / Companies interested to discuss business opportunities etc.


The Program provides pre-scheduled meeting arrangement (online & onsite), hosted buyer privileges, access to VIP & Buyer Lounge, conference sessions and other supporting events etc.

Pre-register to join Business Matching Program, then, start to search desired exhibitors and make online pre-appointment services at your fingertips! 

Site Inspection: Khon Kaen Innovation Center

Khon Kaen Innovation Center, new landmark of biotechnology and innovation investment in Thailand and Greater Mekong Sub region (GMS). The mixed-used development creates new spectrum of business cooperation and new opportunity of regional research development and collaboration, hub of biotechnology & creative economy investment.  The Center is located on Sri Chan road, the Agri-Food-Biotech Innovation Area. 

Mitrphol Innovation & Research Center (IRC), Adlib Hotel Khon Kaen, Glowfish Co-Working Space, International Corporations, Tech Startups located at the building are ready to officially open on 4TH quarter of 2022.